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The Art of the Image is a course I specifically designed for all levels of photographers

It’s not about f-stops and shutter speeds or lot of technical mumbo-jumbo.

What I’ve managed to create is a wonderful new approach to teaching photography.

With this course I’m challenging you to discover your inner artist beginning with a few insightful inward-looking episodes then moving on to more essential practices and techniques to help and guide you to creating those images you’ve always wanted to create.

The art of the image is my complete guide to mastering photographic artistry.

Here are some things people said about it.

“I can recommend this course wholeheartedly and without reservation. Anthony’s enthusiasm for the subject matter is truly on display in each lesson. And he has a genuine and down to earth style that is compelling and engaging. The course is very well structured, with each lesson building on the previous. There is a ton to be garnered from Anthony about how to create images but even more importantly, he teaches you a new way to see the world, to be present, to be aware, and this will have a profound effect on your image making. I have been taking pictures my whole life, but only now, after The Art of the Image, do I considered myself a photographer.” Chuck Rubin

“Wonderful course! I have taken many on-line photography lessons but Anthony’s was a clear step above the others. The twelve lessons clearly touch on all aspects of the very complicated subject of photography. I especially enjoyed the lesson on “Light”; it was very clear that this is Anthony’s passion. The assignments were challenging and looking at others postings was interesting and thought provoking. The format of the course held your interest as it diverged from the typical “lecture” type of presentation. This course is well worth the time and cost.” Paula

If you feel you are no longer progressing creatively than I definitely have some answers for you.

This course comes with 12 challenges. Some will find a specific challenge difficult and others will find the same challenge easy. They vary from person to person, but they all get to the root of how you as a photographer create your images.

The Art of the Image is for you whether you have lots of technical skill or no technical skill, decades of shooting or just beginning. The Art of the Image will show you the path to a greater understanding of photography and the deeper and more meaningful creative journey.

The Art of the Image is my methodology of creating great images.

These are the techniques I have used to become an award winning photographer, a published artist, and having exhibitions internationally.

The techniques I have used to create a career where I have had my photography books commissioned, been featured on BBC World and in many international publications.

These are also the techniques I teach in my workshops all over the world – from Cuba to London, Venice to Hong Kong. I have taught for the Guardian Masterclasses, the London Mayor’s office, written about photography for Huffington Post, Digital Photography School.

There are two reasons I love to teach photography.

One is that I believe the act of creating art, creating anything, is an essential part of our humanness. We love to make, we love to look at the world and respond with our experiences.

The other reason is that I believe we are all artists. We all have something unique to say, to offer to the world. Our experiences, our stories are particular to us and so, too, is our creativity.

This course aims to help you tap your well of creativity and put it to good use by creating beautiful imagery.

In this course I won’t be telling you how to shoot in my style – I will be sharing the processes I use so you can create the very best photos in your own style.

Whether you love to shoot abstract black and whites, street photography, landscapes, travel, portraits, it’s not the genre but the approach you take that matters.

Now, what I have been most obsessed with in this course is getting format right. I know my teaching is good because I get great reviews from my workshops. But the online course has to be of the same quality.

In this course I want to help you develop your unique style and voice. I want to challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to go way beyond where you are now, so that when we finish you have a whole new body of work and an exciting new direction for your photography.


The Art of the Image 

12 week online course you will receive:

  • 12 weekly lessons – The lessons will be made up of short and longer video presentations and supporting PDF documents.
  • 6 hours of video lessons – There will be an in-depth presentation on each concept, with supporting videos and texts with plenty of examples – so I am not just covering the subject once and moving on, but making sure you understand the techniques and concepts fully.
  • 40 written resources – including cheat sheets, resource guides, inspiration material.
  • 12 challenges – which can be done weekly or when you are looking for new ideas to shoot. This is aimed at helping you embed the learning by doing. You only really know something when you can explain it to someone else – or demonstrate it. These challenges are fun!

Who is this for – the beginner or advanced photographer?

I would say this is for the inspired, motivated beginner looking for how to build an approach and methodology of creating beautiful images.

For the intermediate to advanced photographer – this is for you if you are looking for new ideas or a fresh approach. If you want to develop beyond what you are doing now, if you are stuck or frustrated with your efforts and you want consistently better results.

We never stop learning as photographers, as artists. There are always fresh ways of thinking. I am always seeking out new ways to see the world, from other perspectives.

I read books on philosophers and neuroscientists, I watch documentaries on writers and painters, I go to exhibitions and talks, I take classes offered by other artists. You never know when other ideas will spark new journeys and inspiration.

What kind of camera do I need?

Any! This course is about developing your skills as an artist, to compose interesting, beautiful and compelling images. Regardless of if you have a smartphone, film camera or DSLR – this course is not about your equipment but about developing your vision as a photographer.


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