Connect to the artist within through the creative power of photography

Does your photography lack vision?

You are frustrated taking the same photographs again and again? Stuck in a creative rut? Ready for the next level?


How it would feel to be able to take consistently great images every single time you shoot.

Having the ability to seek out the most interesting subjects, find the best angles, recognise the best lighting conditions and boom, capture awesome shots every time.

Feeling so confident with your camera you can anticipate the changes in light around you and know exactly what to do?

Taking a photo into Lightroom and know how to naturally bring out its inherent qualities and make it a ‘wow’ image – without using cheesy presets or have it look over processed.

Hi, I'm Anthony Epes,

I have successfully taught hundreds and hundreds of people just like you over the years.

By sharing my knowledge and experience I can help YOU achieve the results you are looking for.

To give you the confidence and skills needed to overcome any creative blocks that will transform how and what you shoot! Amazing right?

My experience draws from my 30 year career as a fine art & travel photographer.

I have published books, exhibited all over the world, been featured in tons of international press – and love to share my passion for the life-enriching medium of photography.

The Light Monkeys Membership Program

My amazing new Photo Membership program will provide the tools, support and resources to help you transform your photography skills.

Learn new photo skills using my simple, but powerful lessons – at your own pace.

Work directly with me, an award winning photographer, to get personalised feedback.

Membership Benefits

Weekly Live Sessions

Weekly access to me in live sessions to get support, feedback and advice directly.

Our live sessions include:

  • Monthly Group Photo Critiquing 
  • Live Teaching 
  • Processing your images live
  • Q&A’s and discussions

  • Monthly Challenges

Upcoming Live Courses

Understanding Exposure

It is not enough to just press the shutter button and expect the image to look its best. Just because the exposure was made properly does not mean the correct combination of shutter speed, aperture and ISO were chosen.

Long Exposure Photography

If photography is about capturing a moment in time then long exposure photography is about stretching time. Of using time for creative and reality altering effects.

Image Potential in Lightroom

Those images straight out of camera sometimes look so dull that you pass them over in the edit then forget about them.

In this class I am going to show you what you can do to find these images and how you can make them something very special with just a little attention.

Library of Courses All of my “transformative” recorded online courses

  • The Art of the Image 
  • The Art of Processing
  • Anthony’s 7 Essential Skills to Transform your Photography

New courses and Masterclasses every month, including:

  • Introduction to Processing
  • Mastering Your Camera
  • Essentials of Long Exposure, Night and Advanced Composition Photography

Go at your own pace. Jargon free teaching – only inspiring and powerful lessons here!


For me what is so important about our new Membership Community is bringing together a group of super people who want to be more creative, love photography and want to have fun on their life-long-learning-journey.

The community is hosted on our Membership site


$ 47
  • All recorded online courses
  • Weekly live sessions with Anthony
  • Live classes
  • Engaged Community


$ 470
  • All recorded online courses
  • Weekly live sessions with Anthony
  • Live classes
  • Engaged Community
  • 2 Months Free - save $98